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It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction
have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.
Albert Einstein,,,


PDF Docs Pictures


Rife Pro    
  Life Stim    
Rife Mark IV
Rife Mark V
  Rife Desktop    


ABPI Instruction PDF




Multi Pulsar

Bob Beck
Meg Patterson,,
Riley Crabb type
AlphaTheta Stim3
BT Plus
BT Plus AV
BT Plus Pro
BT Pro   MagnaStim
Bob Beck Protocol type Zappers    
Tri Pulser 3
Tri Pulser 9
Combo Zaper MK3    
Hulda Clarke Type    
Multi Function Zapper
Super Sweep-Function Zapper Video    
Colloidal Silver Generator
Heavy Duty colloidal Silver Generator
Schumann Resonator   Schumann Resonator3
  Sacred Harmony Resonator
Sacred Harmony Resonator3
Super Magnetic Pulser.    
8D NLS   Hunter  
  Avs System    
Quantum magnetic analiser
Mini Quantum magnetic analiser

Single Ionic Foot Spa

Ionic Foot Spa Instruction PDF

  Double Ionic Foot Spa


Violet Ray


Hand held Biophoton unit

Ultra Sound - Tens - Blood Laser

Ultra Sound - Tens - Blood Laser Instructional PDF

Pin Hole Glasses
DarkField Microscope Video   Ozone Generator
Green Test      



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