Dr. Seeger's Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis

Excerpts from Interactive Dark Field Training on USB stick

Note: There are extensive explanations for every picture and movie on the USB not published here

Live Blood Analysis Training on USB flash memory drive Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field that makes sense!

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Live Blood Analysis Japanese

Analyse du sang à l'état frais et vivant. L'interactif CD sur la microscopie à fond noir

Training Courses in Live Blood Analysis.

Learn how to prepare a contamination free sample for high-level dark field viewing

The Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis seminar on USB flash memory drive to study from the comfort of your home!

This course on USB flash memory drive offers extensive teaching with over 100 video clips and detailed explanations. Compare your dark field pictures with the videos and learn live blood analysis based on hematology. Chose the topic you would like to study by mouse click. It is an interactive teaching tool and not a DVD you have to watch from A to Z. You decide what you want to watch and study!

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