1:A6CF6990_20095523954743(2)(2 mb)
2:Bacteria in a microscope.(9500 X)(888 kB)
3:Dark Field Live Blood Analysis with Hologram(52 mb)
4:Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis - Cardio-Vascular Disease(2 mb)
5:Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis of Cancer Blood(3 mb)
6:DropofPondWater(9 mb)
7:Erythrocytes Granulocytes(5 mb)
8:LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS under DARKFIELD MICROSCOPY (blood filmed after 96 hours)(7 mb)
9:Live Blood Analysis - Messages from Your Blood - www.YourHealthyBlood.co.uk(3 mb)
10:Live Blood Analysis Dark Field Microscopy explained(4 mb)
11:Live Blood Analysis Microscopy(3 mb)
12:Live Blood Analysis following Chemotherapie(2 mb)
13:Rouleaux (coin rolls) in Dark Field Live Blood Analysis - My Gateway(2 mb)
14:Rouleaux coin rolls in Dark Field Live Blood Analysis(2 mb)
15:Vegetarianism_in_Religions(68 mb)
16:WaterConsciousnessIntent(5 mb)
17:Womansbloodunderdarkfield microscope(15 mb)
18:live blood cell analysis Dr. Blaine Chambers(24 mb)