hello D.....

3.please direct me step by step how to use the program "endometriosis" (use the two photos i have send to you please)

3 Okay first make sure the batteries are in place,,then turn the unit over and press the "Function button" once
this will turn the unit on,,now push the bank button until the LED CHANGES TO ORANGE, now go back to the function button and PUSH ONCE more,,,, in the orange column on the back of your unit you will see that endometriosis lines up with B,,so push the function button until the green light lines up with B,,,as soon as you do this the program will start to run and switch off when finished

4. please direct me step by step how to use the program "Thyroid"

4 press the "Function button" once
this will turn the unit on,,now push the bank button until the LED CHANGES TO GREEN, now go back to the function button and PUSH ONCE more,,,, in the GREEN column on the back of your unit you will see that Thyroid lines up with B,,so push the function burton until the green light lines up with B,,,as soon as you do this the program will start to run and switch off when finished

5.please direct me step by step how to use it on 0,5 Hz

6.please direct me step by step how to use the program Anxiety ,Sleep and Migraine
please read the instructions or follow the steps in 3 and 4 changing the bank color and Alpha letter

7.Please diresct me step by step how to use the CanPulsar (do i just conect it while using other program like "thyroid"
or should I set the Rife in (..Lets say) 100Hz

The can pulser is mostly used separately,,and kept turned on as close to the problem as possible

8 . what is the new button for? (BANK button)
There is no new button the bank button is standard see above for explanation

9.when should i use the frequency 100 Hz for?
10. the 7.83 Hz for?
11.1.5 Hz for?
12. 0.5 Hz for?

Below are some descriptions for you

0.5 Hz

The 0.5 Hz. setting DELTA brainwave frequency, normally associated with deep sleep and release of deeply embedded stress patterns. Pain relief (temporary) - natural opiates released; lymphatics assisted Reported Mitosis reduction or inhibition of rogue cell activity; Stress buster

An indication of increased stress is an escalation in your pulse rate; however, a normal pulse rate doesn't necessarily mean you aren't stressed. Constant aches and pains, palpitations, anxiety, chronic fatigue, crying, over or under-eating, frequent infections, and a decrease in your sexual desire are signs you may notice which indicate you may be under stress.

Reducing stress also reduces your risk for heart disease, the number one killer of American women, and certain types of cancer. Many women who experience PMS and menopausal symptoms will find the severity of these symptoms improved dramatically, once a reduced stress level is achieved. Untreated stress leads many people to depression, anxiety, headaches, and a host of other complaints, making reduction of stress an important factor in improving your total health.
82% of participants in one study suffering from an anxiety disorder reported a significant improvement in their symptoms after treatment with CES.
- Kirsch D, Gilula MF, Electromedicine: CES in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Practical Pain Management, March 2007, pp 40-47.

A pilot study of cranial electrotherapy stimulation for generalized anxiety disorder.

The BT Plus Pro can be used as a Stress Buster

" In the 1960’s Robert O. Becker (1985) demonstrated that electrical current is the trigger that stimulates healing, growth, and regeneration in all living organisms. He found that repair of injury occurs in response to signals that come from our electrical control system, and suggested that this system became less efficient as we age. "

1.5 Hz

This frequency can lead you to an " altered state of conscience" favorable to a deep sleep.

.At present, there are over 125 research studies on CES(Cranial Electro Stimulation) in humans and 29 experimental animal studies. The overwhelming majority of the scientific research is extremely positive. No significant lasting side effects have been reported. Harvard University School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management found: "The meta-analysis of anxiety showed CES to be significantly more effective than sham (P<.05)
One study reported an average 67% effectiveness in treating sleeping disorders among 648 patients, while increasing daytime vigilance.
- Smith RB, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. 2007, pp 37-43.

Abrahams Universal Healing Rate; Sleep; Those individuals whose ailments have manifested into the fourth stage of Chronic Fatigue, where some form of disease is apparent, experienced a release from the negative sensation of their symptoms when moved into 1.5HZ
Hello from Iowa,
I would like to thank you for your prompt service on my order. The so called, "Black Box," works better than any pill I have ever taken to relieve stress related pain. I used it this morning for about fifteen minutes, and the effects lasted all day. I think this product will be very useful just before I go to bed. I think that many more people would benefit from this product. Unfortunately though, the mind-set of people in the US is to take a pill to solve one's ailments. Good Luck in the new year! Best Regards, Joel T. Blum. Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA

Howard Rosen, MD, an anesthesiologist/pain specialist in Monterey, California, gave a lecture on fibromyalgia at the 2003 annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management. He said that he never uses narcotics because they don't work well enough for his patients, and once patients start narcotics, they never come off them. His prescription: a daily dose of mild electrical stimulation with CES

Sleep deprivation, or insomnia, is a common companion with attacks of anxiety. Some may think it is the anxiety that is causing the lack of sleep, and the insomnia is just a symptom of another greater physiological or psychological problem. However, in all honesty, it can be the exact opposite. Researchers are discovering how lack of sleep or insomnia may be one of the primary contributors to a case of anxiety. Source

A peer-reviewed study published in the American Journal of Pain Management documented treatment outcomes from 2,500 patients who responded to a survey.14 Of those, there were 363 fibromyalgia patients, 91% of whom reported significant results (>25% improvement) in their condition. These patients all used CES for a minimum of three weeks. Similar results were reported for other pains, including migraine and other headaches, back, and neck pain.
Carole L. of Verdugo City, California, uses CES twice a day for her pain from lupus and fibromyalgia. It only took a few treatments for her to realize less frequent awakenings and a more rested feeling when she awoke. The fogginess gave way to a clear head, and she felt calm. When her pain increased, she was able to relieve it in minutes. She said, "If I had not experienced this myself, I would have difficulty believing it! I ended up having a pleasant evening instead of being in bed with narcotic pain relievers and still feeling the pain."more

Marilyn Lins, MD, of Utica Neurological Surgery, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that the results she has been obtaining have been miraculous. A pain specialist, Dr. Lins reported on several fibromyalgia patients who have had sufficient pain relief to resume normal activities with as little as two 20-minute treatments per week. One of her patients stopped limping after only one treatment. Dr. Lins said, "[CES] has forever changed my treatment approach. I have never experienced results like I have had in the past two months."

A 386% increase in attention span test results after just 20 minutes of a single CES treatment in healthy volunteers - Southworth S, A Study of the Effects of Cranial Electrical Stimulation on Attention and Concentration, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, 1999, Vol 34:1, 43-53.

5.0 Hz

In the Palaces of Memory they suggest 5hz as being the optimum learning frequency.
Even as you read these words, a tiny portion of your brain is physically changing. New connections are being sprouted -- a circuit that will create a stab of recognition if you encounter the words again Read: In the Palaces of Memory

For years, physicians and Alzheimer's experts have said that the earliest symptoms of the disease typically don't appear until you're in your 60s, 70s, or beyond. But now there's reason to believe that the first warning signs may actually crop up much earlier than that, and in a seemingly much more benign way: as cold sores, those embarrassing blisters that can erupt on the lips of people who are sick or run-down, Source

"Beth was given anesthesia when she gave birth to her first baby and later found that she had lost part of her memory. She was forced to give up her job in an aerospace plant. Years later a friend gave her a small cranial electro-stimulation (CES) device and she began using it.‘Almost overnight,’ she said, ‘all my memories started coming back, including everyone’s telephone extensions at the plant. It was uncanny – all those old extension numbers of people I hadn’t thought of in years.’

"This story, told to me by researcher Bob Beck, Ph.D., provides graphic evidence of a key fact: We have electrically-powered brains. Each of the billions of neurons in our brains is a tiny electrical generator, as complex as a small computer, firing an electrical signal that triggers the release of various neurochemicals and links it with thousands of other neurons."
Mega Brain Power, Michael Hutchinson, 1994
" Many studies have shown that low-level electrical stimulation actually promotes cell growth and regeneration. A recent NIH study showed that low-level electrical stimulation of neurons increased the production of the all important myelin cells in the brain. This could be an important discovery since myelin is shown to be decreased in patients with certain disorders and diseases, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis."

Cranial electrical stimulation (CES) may improve memory, attention and focus; important studies are emerging on the uses of mild electrical current to enhance cognition and aspects of intelligence.

For those of you that still think this is voodoo medicine, do a google search for electroporation, electropharmacology and cell biomembrane transport. Also do a PUB MED search for Saul Liss, PhD, to pull up actual abstracts.

Research shows that the key to speed learning is your state of mind before, during and immediately after your learning session.
It is when you are in a state of relaxed alertness that you will achieve the greatest improvement in memory together with increased concentration and creativity.
You Can
Improve memory and retention of study material
Enhance understanding during learning sessions
Accelerate new language learning
Increase maths ability

..The Theta Rhythm

In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA. GPA for the 8 students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued!
Psychologist Michael Joyce used brainwave entrainment with a group of 30 children. He observed improvements in reading and a half year advancement in grade level as well as substantial improvements in attention, reaction and a reduction in impulsivity and variability.
Harold Russel Ph.D. and John Carter, Ph.D., of the University of Houston, did several studies in which they used brainwave entrainment to treat ADHD and other learning disorders, testing their IQ before and after treatment. Astonishingly, after treatment the subjects showed a 5 to 7 point increases in IQ score.
Michael Tansey used a similar protocol to treat dyslexia and other learning disorders, reporting a 19 point average increase in IQ score post-treatment.

7.83 Hz

Imagine plugging your brain into a specially mastered Black box containing a powerful (but absolutely safe) technology that launches you into an incredible experience of deep inner peace - an experience of deep meditation so powerful...it immediately begins to create profound, positive changes in the structure of your nervous system...

Meditate. Meditation will raise your vibration. You don’t have to chant and sit in a funny position that will cause your feet to fall asleep.
" The to silence of the trees, the deep rivers and ancient mountains, of the soul lost in meditation: "Silence grew and became intense, wider and deeper. The brain which had listened to the silence -- of the hills, fields, and groves -- was itself, now, silent.... It was still, deep within itself; like a bird that folds its wings, it had folded up on itself. It had entered into depths which were beyond itself. It was a dimension which the brain could not capture or understand."jk

Throughout the ages humankind has searched for new means to reach higher levels of consciousness. Most of this exploration has been shrouded in the occult and sought through spiritual or mystical experimentation. With the advent of the technological age science has joined the quest for the Holy Grail of expanded experience. This state of awareness has been sought in all cultures and described in the ancient eastern teachings as , the state of nirvana. The scientific exploration of this field has developed through psychology, studying human behavior and psyche, sensory deprivation with John Lily’s floatation tank, the psychedelic days with Tim Learny and friends, and finally to the most recent and technologically advanced form Yet, CES Assisted vibrational Nirvana

100.00 Hz


Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) is an FDA approved treatment for depression .. Over 100 human and eighteen animal studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CES in treating these and other disorders. CES involves the introduction of a very weak electrical current into the brain. Before you say, "No way! Not my brain!" understand CES is not "Shock therapy". The electrical current used in CES/BT9 is typically less than one milliampere. To put this in perspective, the current needed to power a light bulb is about 11,000 times stronger. No serious side effects have been reported with CES
" I noticed effects from the first day of using my BT unit. I experienced a greater sense of well being, I experienced a sense of euphoria and also a sense that finally I HAD found something that is making changes to me and is living up to the facts.." John Gardiner Utah

There is always hope. Depression blinds us to that fact.
If we can somehow hold on to our hope, just maybe we can find a way to get through.
What's 3 times better than Prozac?
CES was found to be two times more effective in treating depression than the most effective antidepressant drugs on the market. In fact, CES treatment is 3 times as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in the curing of depression, compared to placebo (fake treatment).
- Gilula MF, Kirsch DF, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Review: A Safer Alternative to Psycho pharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Depression, J Neurotherapy, 2005: 9(2), pp 7-26.

Electro medicine (including BT/CES) is designed to primarily impact the electrical nature of the body. The current used in CES is very similar to the electrical fields naturally present in the body
One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment.
- Shealy CN, Cady RK, et al., Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals: Response to Cranial Electro stimulation, J Neurol Orthop Med Surg, 1998, 18, pp 94-97.

Longitudinal data from 17 studies of CES conducted follow-up investigations from one week to two years after treatment (Kirsch, 2002).
These studies encompassed various populations including depressed patients unresponsive to medications. Sixteen of the studies reported that at least some of the subjects had continued improvement after a single CES treatment, or a series of CES treatments. The other follow-up report only commented on safety (Forster et al., 1963). None of the 17 studies mentioned any enduring adverse effects.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation is available to health care professionals as a safe, effective treatment for depression. For many depressed or anxious patients, this modality can be quite efficacious as either a stand
Scientific Articles 21 alone (i.e., as “mono therapy”) or as an add-on therapy. When used as an
add-on, CES can enable the physician to reduce the dosage of SSRIs or other potent antidepressant medications thereby reducing the potential for severe long-term adverse effects from the medication (Gilula &
Barach, 2004).

13. Please direct me step by step on how to use my small magnacoil - also should the N side touch the skin or not?

Plug the long lead on the magna coil adapter into the Plates outlet on your rife unit, plug the power adapter into the magnacoil adapter
plug the magnacoil into the magnacoil adapter,,make sure the switch on N-S AND THE N ON THE COIL IS FLAT ON THE BODY
start your rife program and it will all be going :-)

14.you missed to sent me the plug for the planket and the magnacoil and now i have problem to use it.Can you send one plug for Europe? here in Greece we have adaptors for England and for America only, as far as i know.

We do not supply plugs for individual countries,,a simple travel adapter is all that is needed

you will find lots of pictures and instructions here

or if you have more questions please let me know