Rife FAQ,,, Frequently asked Questions

Before you start

Please make sure the Device and Application Balance is set to MAX


Set to Single timed

Set to Square Wave

Set Round intensity Dial to 90%


Rife Driver

Top switch to AC
Top switch high gain

24 volt power pack

Click on picture







Only turn volume to 7.5 and check whether coils get to hot,,if so just lower volume on the amp

Connecting Stereo patch Lead

From Rife Computer head phone jack to AV on the front of the Amp



Q I am concerned about the plug differences. First, I thought NZ was 220 volts/50HZ Here in the US we are only 120v/60Hz Do I need a step down transformer for the computer? Will that also take care of the difference of 50 to 60 HZ????


A The power supply is Dual voltage

Q sometimes the computer slows dow

A this is normaly caused by accidentaly running two rife pro programs at the same time


Q The NZ plug for the computer has a simple adapter (not a transformer), but it goes from three (3) prong to only two (2) prong As long as
I use a really good surge protector that is GROUNDED (has third prong), I should be ok, right?


Q I see the notice that no other software can be loaded on the computer as it may corrupt the Rife Program.

A the rife pro is a large program,,and uses much of the computers resources,adding more software may slow the rife laptop down,,
There is also no virus software installed,,so connection to the net is not advised ....


Q The Rife Driver Box -- I saw someplace that the battery had to be put into the box before using (it could not be shipped with the battery installed).
I do not see an easy way to pull the Driver Box apart and did not want to force anything. Is this an instruction for a different version of the Rife Driver Box?

A The rife driver is run from a power pack,,The Rife laptop is shipped with the battery disconcted,,just clip it in

Q. the ear clips for the TENS - do these work like a CES or is this different?Â
A Yes

Q.The ear clips for the TENS - do these work like a CES or is this different?

A The ear clips are not used for TENS,,Strictly CES

Q what frequency do i use for pain
A There are pain frequencies built into your rife unit,,i find 5 and 10hz usefull


Q. i saw the info on the BT9 etc and I'm interested in being able to treat my clients for: addiction (drug and nicotine at the moment) OCD
(one challenging little girl i can't seem to get any movement with) and growth stimulation (15 year old boy not quite 5'3'').
Can my ear clips treat for these things more successfully than the CES and BT9.

A you can make your rife unit work like a bt9 just insert a new program and use 1000 and 111hz and run the together ( multi timed) for 5-15 mins

A 10hz is reported by NASA as being helpfull for cell rejuvination

Q i can find Rife frequencies for addiction but not nicotine, for mental disturbances etc but not OCD and for pituitary stimulation etc;
my question is what to use the ear clips for and if they are more successful than the magnacoil etc for brain stuff.

A those two frequencies above work very well on nicotine



Q. is this for making the homeopathic remedies only or do you use them for listening also?

A the head phones via the amp are used for imprinting water,,or you can run 1-2 magnacoils straight of your amp
they can also be used for listening

Q. in which case, I tried to play some of the TBSW music but no sound?? background noise was set to rain. do i have to plug the amplifyer in to get sound, in which case,
‚ can you please tell me what plugs into where as can't figure out how to get it to work or how to use the magnacoil with it.
you can run the head phones directly from the laptop or with the amp


A Yes run the headphone either directly from the amp or the rife head phone output,,be sure to use the volume comtrol

Q how do you do that? multi-timed? does this make all the frequencies play at once for the duration of time you set it for? whats the benefit of using single timed?

A yes multi timed just chose that in your menu,,multi timed works well for things like the bt9 functio,,many traditional rife users prefer single timed for most other problem

Q and for the Rife list - timing? is it safe to start with a minute for each frequency when i'm trying a new group? is there a rule of thumb here that i should follow?
A Normaly rife used 3 mins prer frequency, but things likethe eyemate program are best use for 1 min per frequency


Q. is clothed ok to use the blanket? how much effectiveness does it lose for people to lie on it with only, say, ankles and arms directly in contact with it?‚

A Undressed is better as its less layers the magnetic field has to enter for smaller parts of the body use the more powerful magnacoils

Q The instructions on the eye mate page suggests 24 seconds therife unit min time is 1min is it okay to use them for this time

A Yes

Q Can i run more than one accessoy from my rife Driver

A Yes,,there are pictures in the treatment suggestions section

Eyemate frequencies
5Hz, 292 Hz,, 292.7Hz ,30 Hz, 30.7Hz,,9.1 Hz 9.8Hz and 0.3 Hz ,,10hz ,, 0.7 Hz,, 14Hz 1.5Hz, 3.6 Hz ,95hz 137 Hz, 18Hz 1.5hz, 3.6 hz 137Hz 1Hz
1min per frequency

My wants to follow a program for conjunctivitis. Which accessory should she use?

you could try these,,
5Hz, 292 Hz,, 292.7Hz ,30 Hz, 30.7Hz,,9.1 Hz 9.8Hz and 0.3 Hz ,,10hz ,, 0.7 Hz,, 14Hz 1.5Hz, 3.6 Hz ,95hz 137 Hz, 18Hz 1.5hz, 3.6 hz 137Hz 1Hz
Each frequency will run for aprox 1 min
Do you have the eye mask? its a terrific option

also many people bathe the eyes in a colloidal silver solution

Our son has cerebral palsy, he is irritable and some behavior autism, although he is not autistic. We also want to treat the cold flu for him. What accessories should we use?
try the foot pads,,of if he is not able to sit still you could try the magna coil

I don't understand when to use iuse accesoire: hc zapper, bb zapper, headphones, ear clips, magnacoil, breast electrodes.
there are suggestions here http://alteredstatesinstructions.com/Rifepro/accessories/index.htm
and here http://alteredstatesinstructions.com/Rifepro/instructions/treatment/index.htm

And the shoes ?. For what programs it serve? the shoes are another way of getting frequencies into the body see the above links

Frequency List
Enter in a problem see if there is a known frequency

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