1:Human_anatomy(21 kB)
2:Lymphatic System(979 kB)
3:LymphaticSystem head and Neck(58 kB)
4:LymphaticSystem2(161 kB)
5:Lymphatic_man(184 kB)
6:Middle back(64 kB)
7:PEMF Pulsing the Gall bladder(97 kB)
8:PEMF Pulsing the Upper abdoman(95 kB)
9:PEMF Pulsing the Vagina(99 kB)
10:PEMF Pulsing the hip joint(101 kB)
11:PEMF Pulsing the lower abdoman(97 kB)
12:Pulsing the Abdomen(52 kB)
13:Pulsing the Ankle(65 kB)
14:Pulsing the Ankle3(61 kB)
15:Pulsing the Back of the Neck(101 kB)
16:Pulsing the Breast(76 kB)
17:Pulsing the Elbow(77 kB)
18:Pulsing the Fingers(57 kB)
19:Pulsing the Hip(52 kB)
20:Pulsing the Hip2(55 kB)
21:Pulsing the Knee(76 kB)
22:Pulsing the Knee2(74 kB)
23:Pulsing the Knee3(62 kB)
24:Pulsing the Knee4(63 kB)
25:Pulsing the Knee5(58 kB)
26:Pulsing the Lower Back(94 kB)
27:Pulsing the Lower Back2(90 kB)
28:Pulsing the Lower Back3(101 kB)
29:Pulsing the Middle Back(107 kB)
30:Pulsing the Middle Back2(102 kB)
31:Pulsing the Shoulder(105 kB)
32:Pulsing the Shoulder2(102 kB)
33:Pulsing the Shoulder3(65 kB)
34:Pulsing the Shoulder4(61 kB)
35:Pulsing the Wrist2(58 kB)
36:Pulsing the Wrist4(65 kB)
37:Pulsing the middler Back(103 kB)
38:Pulsing the upper Shoulder(103 kB)
39:Upper Back(65 kB)
40:human-lymphaticsystem(19 kB)
41:immune-system(47 kB)
42:lower back(52 kB)
43:lower back2(331 kB)
44:lower back3(64 kB)
45:lymphatic_system(28 kB)
46:multipulseShouldert2(93 kB)
47:multipulsemiddleback(90 kB)
48:multipulser Breast(58 kB)
49:multipulser Elbow2(55 kB)
50:multipulser Elbowt(61 kB)
51:multipulser gumst(65 kB)
52:multipulser shouldert(61 kB)
53:multipulserfingerst(55 kB)
54:multipulserfingerst2(55 kB)
55:plasma(1 mb)
56:vagina prostate(90 kB)
57:vagina prostate2(111 kB)
58:womenymphsystem(23 kB)
59:womenymphsystem3(16 kB)
60:womenymphsystem4(37 kB)
61:womenymphsystem5(93 kB)